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Don’t get me wrong- I watch Sex and The City. I never got why she wore a lot of shit on her head, or why she thought Chris Noth was remotely fuckable, but I still dug that slutty old lady who made all the cock puns. I’ve seen most of the episodes, I’ve drank booze and saw them with my ‘girlfriends’ and at one point I concluded I may have been a Miranda even though I’m not a ginger bitch. However, there’s been something about the show that has been gnawing at me lately. 

I’ve been out of college with a writing degree for almost a year now. I too, moved to NYC (well, Brooklyn, but I wear more skinny jeans than Charlotte) to pursue writing. And I’ve done pretty well with it, soo fucking whoop-de-do for me, but something’s been bothering me and I just need to get it off my chest:

Carrie Bradshaw, you gotta be tripping balls to have us believe that you can sustain yourself that extravagantly on that one stupid-ass column. You lying bitch!

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For my Women’s Studies class, I created a food blog for my final project. You should check it out! I’d love to get feedback for books and documentaries to add…as well as other things to share. Thank you for your help!

I thought I should send these thoughts out into the universe to make them more like goals than dreams..

I want to start volunteering. I used to do all kinds of volunteering in H.S. I want to start working with animal shelters or at an animal sanctuary.

I want to refinish the $4 bicycle that I bought at goodwill and start biking to school and the grocery this summer. It needs: paint, a new seat, new handles, tires, and a basket. My hubby is excited to help me with the process. 

I want to make the step from being a vegetarian to being vegan. I don’t know how strict I will be about this for a while. I have already eliminated cheese, dairy and eggs from my meals at home. The hard part is going to be family get togethers and things like that. I don’t want to be an ass about it. I just want to do my part and use as little of those products as possible. 

I want to start a food/health blog that focuses on Ohio…specifically, Cincinnati. 

That’s all for now…just throwing it out there.

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flying to Denver to visit my Dad who was in the air force. i remember looking out the window and seeing the light on the wing. #2yrsold

Well as you can see I tried the nails I pinned. They are fun! :) Sunday I had the morning and afternoon to myself before going to work, so I picked up Vegetarian Times Magazine and Clean Eating Magazine…plus nail polish. I also grabbed some vegan/eco friendly brow gel. I love it! 

Yesterday was my hubby and I’s 2.5 year anniversary. We went out for chinese! I hadn’t had chinese in so long because I didn’t think it’d feel the same with out eating meat in a dish. I was wrong! I had a Tofu & Veggie stir fry mix. The tofu was crispy and delicious and it had tons of baby corn, broccoli (my fav part of chinese food), and tons of other veggies. I was in heaven :) 

**I included a pic of the mac n cheese style cauliflower because I found it and a million other recipes in the magazines that I want to try. I’m hoping to try it in the next week.**

Here are some photos of things I want to try and or do before the end of the month. 

Something for myself: the nails.

Something for my health: the nike inspiration photo.

Something for my mind: finish Jane Goodall’s book ‘In the Shadow of Man.’

Something for my tummy: the healthy popsicles & tofu meal.



Meet Vixey.

She was rescued as a puppy from a fur farm. If she’d stayed there, like millions of other foxes, she would have been anally or vaginally electrocuted to become part of a fur coat for companies like INTERMIX

Fur-bearing animals, like foxes, are no different from the dogs & cats we live with and love. If we don’t stop their slaughter, no one will.

On behalf of Vixey, please sign and share our INTERMIX fur-free petition

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